Monday, November 14, 2011

Baby quilt top finished!

Well, I've finished the baby blanket top! I'm so glad, not that it was a pain or anything. I know that it takes me probably longer than other quilters when it comes to quilting blankets. But I just took me time, and had other stuff I had to also do too.

Here's a picture of the three rows all sewn together:

I apologize for the images not being so great. I was listening to music and kind of swaying back and forth to the music. Ha ha! I was in a good mood, what can I say? lol

Then I kind of noticed I did something wrong, I ended up sewing on the longer borders before the shorter borders. So here's an image with the left and right long side borders sewn on:

I looked back at my design, and was like uh oh! But no sweat, the short pieces were long enough that I was able just do it the opposite way. So here's a picture of all my borders sewn on:

Like I said previously, sorry about the crappy pictures! Ha, but I have the top all put together. Now I just have to decide how I want to do this exactly. I know I'm going to tie the quilt, but I am trying to decide if I want to actually quilt the quilt for the first time. Kind of nerv racking if you ask me... lol

My hubby should be getting out of work and walking to his truck right now. Dogs are wanting outside, so I best finish this blog and do what I need to do.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Additional note: To the right, there's a poll for you guys. If you could, please vote when you get a chance! Thanks!! :)


  1. What a pretty quilt. Love the borders. It is the quilt that matters not the pictures after all. Selina

  2. I think it was you who were looking for a free motion quilting idea.

    This is a blog that I follow and she has been working at learning to do FMQ. This is the beginning of that process. Good luck. and if you aren't the person looking for this info enjoy it anyway. Selina


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