Saturday, November 19, 2011

Yesterday and today...

Yesterday, I was happy for the most part. I was watching a little TV and surfing the internet on my laptop. Decided I would go and work on the baby blanket for a while and then came back into the living room to a laptop that was no longer on. I figured, maybe it did some updates but come to find out it died.

Not okay!

I had the toddler's quilt pattern design on there and am not too happy about not having it. Thank god though that it was put on a forum though. SO that helps!! Maybe next time I go to the dollar store or someplace that has graphing paper I'm going to grab some and start doing it down on paper instead of PC. Hard copy is better than no copy! That is for sure.

I'm also sad because...

My laptop had some dog pictures that I had taken before my dog was put down. I'm hoping my husband's brother will be able to recover at least my pictures. Anything else I could probably careless unless it's important. But I really want my dog pictures because those are the only ones I have from when she came and stayed here with me before she was put to sleep.

On another note...

I found out last night that a friend of mine and my husband's (the one I've been working on a baby blanket for) went to the doctors and they said she is 1 dilated and 50% effaced. Woohoo! Right? Well, I got to work last night and today on the baby blanket. Can't not have that baby blanket done. That just wouldn't be right! So I've been working on that, which it was pretty much done just has to put it all together in the last few steps. Instead of doing binding I decided to just do a quilt with no binding. So I did a "birthing a quilt" method. Which was pretty interesting if you ask me. Once I did that, I had to do the ladder stitch to close the hole and then baste the quilt. Then I stitched around the far outside edge and I am in the process of "stitching in the ditch". I am only doing the SITD around the pinwheels, so basically boxes. I have never done the stitching in the ditch method, so it is pretty interesting. Here are some pictures:

Front and back, sandwiched together and stitched edge
I decided to take the next picture, because this was after I started doing the "stitching in the ditch" method. Annoying when you have so much bulk in such a small tight space!

Trust me, I was using naughty words moving this bulk through lol

I cannot imagine how you ladies do this on normal sized sewing machines on quilts/blankets bigger than a baby blanket. Amazing!

I am off to surf the web a bit on my desktop, ugh no TV! Then I am going to go and watch some TV. lol

Then, I have to do some cleaning. Yes, I'm a night owl... 12:58AM right now... Ha many of you are probably thinking WHOA! lol

Just reminding you, poll to the right... would love for you to vote! :)


  1. CJ...I haven't seen you around ES lately, so thought I better check out your blog to see if you are alive and well....I'm glad I did. I got to see your baby quilt. Excellent work. So pretty, I love pinwheels and your colors you used are so pretty.

    Good work! Excellent in fact!

    Your Friend, Linda (Rosieq)

  2. I meant to ask...what is birthing a quilt? Is that like an envelope...Your term sounds so much more interesting!!!


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