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I was born on August 25, 1985 in Petoskey, Michigan. I have a brother named Tom, and he's a couple years older than I am. I was born in Petoskey, raised in Olivet. Olivet was a small, town - one of those towns where news travels fast.

Most people say when I was born I looked like a small China doll because I had fat chubby cheeks and thick black hair. I guess I'll have to believe the stories that are told, since I don't remember anything about myself at that time. Shortly after birth I was diagnosed with Severe Kniest Syndrome Dwarfism. In other words, I am a little person. My brother was also diagnosed with dwarfism, but his severity was not as bad as mine. He has Kniest Dwarfism. We both were born with dwarfism, taking after my dad. My dad was born with Achondroplasia Dwarfism. I am 3'5" tall, my brother is 4'2-4" somewhere in that range and my dad was a few inches taller than me. My dad is unfortunately no longer with us, and I miss him very much.

I am now 26 years old. Living life to the fullest, and enjoying my
married life to my life long partner. On February 28th of 2010 I married the most amazing man. Him and I ended up getting married in Jamaica. We stayed in Jamaica for 10 days straight, it was amazing! It was both of our second times going to Jamaica.

We love traveling, we are going to try and go someplace every couple of years (of course after saving up the cash to do so). I like being adventurous.


  1. You look so happy and I wish you many blessings for a life long marriage. One of my friends, Candy, is also a little person and she is about your size or perhaps a tad shorter. Cany cracks me up when she is disciplining her oldest daughter who is 4 and normal height which means she is taller than her mother. Canys just shakes that finger while looking up to her 4 yr. old and her daughter knows who is Boss!! I absolutely love Candy. her husband is a youth minister and also a little person. Of theri 3 children, one has her type, one has the father's type and one child is of typical height. Now there's a gene pool as Candy says!
    Hope you will continue to visit my blog.
    Gmama Jane

  2. Thanks for your kind words, and I'm glad that you know someone with the like disabilities as mine. :) Dwarfism works in mysterious ways, ha! :)


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