Friday, November 11, 2011

Some more sewing down, and more to go! :)

Well, today I did some laundry and did a bit of picking up. Gotta start getting stuff cleaned up around here because we'll be hosting a Thanksgiving dinner here at home. We were planning on going up to my mother's for Thanksgiving but plans changed, and my brother and his wife are going up for Thanksgiving and we're going to spend Christmas with them next month which overall works out all the same. So for Thanksgiving we're going to end up having Chuck, Brian, possibly Jim (Steven's side of the family) and then my best friend Sara is coming over as well. She will be helping me cook dinner, thank goodness for that because doing it all myself would have been too much on me. It'll still be pretty interesting! Ha!

I also just got done working on the baby blanket for a while, here's a picture of all three strips:

Then I went ahead and sewn two strips together with a long sashing between the rows like so;
Now I have two rows sewn together with a sashing between. There will be another row sewn obviously, with another sashing between and then it'll be borders that need to be added on. :) Coming along just fine don't you think? I think so! :)

I have a question for quilters out there because I've been wondering about whether I'm doing it wrong or not. My question is, say you have two layers of fabric together and one is a little further over and isn't lined up, do you follow the top fabric or bottom fabric as far as "1/4"" is concerned?

Forgot to attach image, sorry!
Looking forwarding to hearing what you guys think. :)

More pictures to come when I do more work on the baby quilt but wanted to keep you posted that I have done some more! :)

Until next time...


  1. I love how your quilt is turning out but don't quite understand the question...sorry!

  2. I think I like it tons...what beautiful fabric you used.. not sure what you are trying to do CJ...line up the pattern?


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