Saturday, October 1, 2011

Quilt Size Information

I wanted someplace where I could go to if I need to reference some sizes to make quilts. So I decided to make a post such as this so I can reference at any time. I figured this would help others as well. If you guys know if the sizes are off, or think they should be corrected or any sizes added please let me know!

Quilt Sizes (Finished sizes)
Twin:                            39" x 75"
Double:                        54" x 75"
Full:                              81" x 88"
Queen:                         60" x 80"
Eastern King:              76" x 80"
California King:          72" x 84"
Dual King:                  78" x 80"
Preemie:                 18" x 20"-24"
Newborn:                   25" x 30"
Crib:                            50" x 53"
Toddler:                   35" x 45"
Child:                          40" x 60"

Note: If you are wanting to have a overhang for the quilts so they drape to on the sides add approximately 10" to each side of the quilt. If you are looking to be able to do pillow tucks with the quilt you will want to add approximately 20" to the length of the quilt.

Quilt overhang example - Not my photo
Quilt pillow tuck example - Not my photo


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