Friday, September 30, 2011

Live and learn from mistakes: Part 2

Well, got to thinking last night a lot about my pattern. I just couldn't let it go and had all kinds of thoughts going through my head so I'm at the project once again. I thought to myself, it may not be perfect but at least this way I can learn from my mistakes, try to fix them and continue on with what I was making. I mean, it doesn't have to be 100% perfect. At least to me it doesn't because after all, a first project is always exciting no matter what.

So I'm at it again, and I'm half way done! :) I'll probably continue working on it tonight but wanted to take a break. Before you know it, I'll probably have it done late tonight, early morning since I'm a night owl and all. :P

Update: I'm also wanting to add that my husband has been bummed all day because it has been raining and tomorrow is opening day for Bow Season. He's hoping it will clear up so he can go out in the morning, but if it doesn't he'll be going out in the afternoon. He just wishes it wouldn't be so dreary outside and raining, but hopefully we'll get luck and it'll stop raining!


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