Monday, October 10, 2011

Past couple days...

Do you ever just "dig in" without thinking about it and not draw out the pattern cut it out and use that as a template? Well, I did. I thought I was doing pretty good, and then realized I did it wrong and should have cut it in one piece instead of separate pieces. I've been working on making a small camera case for my new digital camera. Well I ended up having to stop because the way I had sewed it up and had separate pieces was just making it worse to put together. So, this second time around I decided to make a pattern on paper, cut it out and use that as a template instead of having separate pieces (if that makes sense).

Yesterday I went to Joann Fabric's and got some fabric (of course) for a baby quilt I'm planning to make. A friend of mine and hubbies is having a baby in December and I wanted to make a baby quilt for them. I'm also going to be making their son a quilt as well. He's into camouflage, so I have to think of something for that but right now I'm focusing on the "baby quilt". It took me a hour and a half to pick out 4 pieces of fabric to go together, I'm still having a bit of trouble piecing together what fabric goes together well and what's too much print and etc. I just didn't want the quilt to be "over powering" with one fabric and not enough of the other fabric and etc.

On another note, this past weekend's weather has been gorgeous! The only thing is, I wish it would "frost" for 2 good days and then be nice like this. I say this because I want the mosquitoes gone. I hate those bugs! AND BEES! Ew! lol Yesterday the hubby and I went out and put some more feed out and put his new camera out as well. I definitely can't wait to see if we caught any pictures on his new deer trail cam. Although he's getting a bit frustrated because the last few times when it's been on his days off he hadn't seen anything while out hunting. But hopefully in a couple days he will have better luck, he has 5 days off which will be nice to have him around.

Anyways, good luck to anyone's husband who hunts as well. Can never get enough luck when it comes to hunting. :) Wish my hubby luck too! lol


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