Friday, October 7, 2011

My first pinwheel

Sorry about the ruler... was measuring LOL
The other day I was practicing, trying to decide what size I want to go with for a pinwheel. I pieced together my first pinwheel and used a technique I seen online that seemed pretty easy. I used the technique where you sew on all 4 sides of the two squares facing right sides together and then cut from corner to corner and then corner to corner without moving it. I know this probably sounds a little confusing, but my first pinwheel didn't turn out too well. A little wonky and it was probably because of the way it was cut and the bias played a part in it. Then I took and cut 4 squares and pieced together the pinwheel the old way. It takes a little more time to piece it together but this way my block wasn't all wonky. I do not think I did too bad on my second pinwheel and seems pretty easy. :) Here's a snapshot of the pinwheel.

The only thing I'm having trouble understanding is how to get the middle part on the back with all the seams not so bulky. I think I made the mistake of not trimming off the "ears" as they call it before sewing the 4 squares together to make the pinwheel. But that's okay! I'll probably figure out a way to get the bulkiness gone.

If you anyone reading this blog knows some techniques that shows up close photos of how to get rid of the bulkiness please let me know. Point me in the direction! lol


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