Saturday, September 24, 2011

Woods Adventure

Trail entrance to woods

Well the hubby wanted to take a walk into the woods to check and see if there are some buck or doe tracks in or around his tree stand. Well, he was happy to see three piles of poo from a buck. He even took a stick and poked it to see how fresh it was. Yes, the hubby is a hunter and loves it and he can't want to sit in his tree stand and get himself some venison. I admit I can't wait either. I like seeing him happy when he gets a deer or loves it when it comes close to deer hunting season.

Upon walking into the entrance, I noticed this weird looking plant which we'd had seen previously but I never had my camera on me in order to take a picture. Today I made sure I had my camera to take a few pictures and to show to see if anyone could identify this particular plant. I do not know what it is, but it is scattered throughout the woods and we noticed that either the deer are eating them or some kind of animal is.

Mystery plant, do you know what it is?
I'm very curious if anyone knows what kind of plant it is, and if you do please comment and let me know! Hubby and I have been wracking our brains as to what it is. Looks like some kind of berry plant but we're not entirely sure. I know the picture to the left isn't the greatest, it might be better if you click on it and it enlarges a bit. I didn't know that the picture didn't take very well after taking it the second time. I'm still learning about my new camera that I got but I'm starting to get frustrated with it though.

Anyways, off to relax for a while and then do some stuff around the house. Oh fun! lol Chores are not the thing I like passing the time with, ha!


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