Monday, September 26, 2011

Blog finally situated!

Yesterday, I had some issues that I just could not get figured out for the longest time. For some reason the comments link was only available for three of my blog posts and the other three didn't have it available. However, it was a simple fix in the options section of when I'm creating a new blog post. Now I just have to remember to make sure that it stays "allow" for comments.

I did a few other changes to the blog as well. I changed the font style look, which was pretty cool and wouldn't have happened had I not stumbled upon another blog that explained how to change the font style in my blog. I was up so late last night working on changing the font, and spicing up my blog that I wasn't able to start my other blog. I wasn't going to publish it just yet because I hadn't "completed it just yet". However, I started doing my pattern idea, or I should probably name that pattern Sewing machine Mat? I don't know. ha! You'll just all have to wait and see! :)


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