Friday, September 23, 2011

Possibly pattern

I came across this neat sewing machine mat a few times. One that seems to go under the sewing machine, and it has pockets to place notions into it. I have been running ideas in my head, and drawing out how I'd like to have it look and etc. I'll probably have to add a second blog entry with more in depth information on how it turned with pictures of my progress. I will probably end up starting it in a while. Hopefully what I have written on paper turns out right when I start to cut fabric out and what not.

Today seems like a dreary day, it's been drizzling outside and supposed to storm all weekend. I'm not looking forward to that because normally when it gets like that I do not want to do anything but be lazy. It just seems like the crappy weather always takes over my body. I'm still adjusting to the idea of having to turn the "heat" on instead of the air conditioner! I miss the warm weather, and fall has officially arrived. lol

Well I'm off to ponder some more over my drafting pattern idea.


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