Monday, September 26, 2011

Fabric Selections...

I have been wracking my brain as to what kind of fabric to get to make a baby quilt. I am not entirely sure what kind of baby blanket design I want to make. However, I do know that the baby that will be arriving in December will be a baby girl. So that's a plus. I'm looking for some suggestions from everyone to see if you guys can suggest some charm packs or some fat quarter packs that are cute for a new born baby. Please pick something that does not have a whole lot of pink, maybe very little pink is okay. But I want something different! :) I'm also looking for something that isn't a theme... Just something that goes together good, flowers, butterflies and etc. If you pick some fabric that isn't in a charm pack or a fat quarter pack that's fine too.... Just link me to the fabric, that should work too.

Any suggestions would be appreciated! If you find something in particular, please point me the way. I like shopping on site, so if you could point to something there that would be a plus!

Thanks again, and any help would be appreciated. :) I'm still new to all this, so still learning about what prints and fabric colors go good together.


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