Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Stockings, and baby blanket

I certainly hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with family and friends. I know I had a great time being around family and friends.

I few weeks ago or so, I ended up getting some Christmas fabric for a friend as a surprise and boy was I definitely surprised. I ended up getting a box full of random Christmas fabric. I was definitely excited. I ended up making 2 Christmas stockings with some of the fabric. One my husband ended up picking some odd fabric to go with some of the fabric my friend gave me. He told me he wanted the stocking to be more "manly" than "girly" ha. Whatever floats his boat is what I told him. But I went with some cute snowmen fabric and some other stuff as well. Then once I made the stockings, I ended up embroidering my name and his name on our stockings. I was very proud of the stockings I had made, first stockings I had made at all. :)

Here's how the stockings turned out:

Mine (left) his (right)
Now, I know you guys probably have been wondering about the baby blanket. Unfortunately, I never got a chance to take a picture of the "embroidered" name on it that I did by hand and all that. I'm kind of bummed about it, but with not having a working laptop I never really thought to take pictures. I'm sure I'll get another chance to take a picture though when I see them again. I know my friend loved it, the colors and the pinwheels I did for the pattern. Here's a picture before I added the embroidered name on it.

baby blanket
I will have to be honest. I haven't sewn anything since the Christmas stockings. I do have a small list of things I want to get sewn, but I just haven't been very motivated. Maybe it's because I haven't been able to really view everyone's blogs or because of the holidays being back to back as far as Christmas and then New Years goes. I'm sure I will get back into it. I know I want to make myself a quilt, but I have to do one other quilt before I do and that's a toddlers blanket.

I am just glad I am able to get back online, and be able to see everything once again.

Well, again I'm so glad and happy to see everyone again! :)

New Years is coming up, what's everyone's plans?


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