Friday, October 14, 2011

Yesterday, happy hubby!

Yesterday after 4PM was a long day. Hubby went out hunting, and around 5:40PM he called and told me that he got a deer. It was actually funny how it happened. He was texting me on the phone telling me he was getting bored because ever since bow season started he hadn't seen a thing but squirrels. Well, this is how our texting went...

Me: We need to get you a call.
Hubby: Here deer deer deer. Here deer deer deer deer. There I just called them.
Me: Freak lol

My hubby a few days ago broke his call because he was trying to change the sound of it when he used it, well a small piece fell from the tree stand and it's a small black piece. No way finding that in leaves and dirt and etc. So that's why I was saying he needs a new call. A few minutes passed.

Hubby: The call worked I just shot.
Me: Are you serious?
Me: For real?
Me: Do I need to smack you?

Hubby and I are jokers, we like to pick on each and what not. So I wasn't sure at the time if he was just bullshitting or really telling me that he shot one. It was just funny the way it happened. So after about a hour and a half waiting to make sure the deer laid down and died in piece we went looking. The blood was spotty, but we found it with the help of his friend Nick. He was a nice looking deer, 6 point buck. Let's just say that the hubby was pretty darn happy!

I do have some pictures, but I won't post the actual picture but link you in case there are some people who do not want to see the deer. Which is completely understandable! :) This morning we got quite a bit of meat out of the deer. Tons of steak, a package of stew cut meat, 24 pounds of hamburger, tenderloins, a roast, tons of chops, and that's it til hubby gets another one.

Here's the links:
Him and his 6 point after finding the deer
Deer hung up in our garage and hubby next to him

I'm very proud of my husband, and he's ecstatic that he finally got a deer on his "own" property now that we've been here for almost 3 years now.


  1. Ha Ha! That is so funny, and I know your DH is thrilled with his kill.

  2. @ShirleyC, thanks he was excited that is for sure.

  3. This is funny! Glad that the hunt was successful for your hubby, and that you obtained plenty of venison.

  4. @Claudia, yeah we thought it was funny as well. Just glad it happened the way it did.

  5. @Barb, I thought it was a fun story too which is why I had to share it whether it was "sewing related" or not. LOL


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