Saturday, October 22, 2011

Started baby blanket/quilt

Yesterday I finished cutting the 60 blocks of 5" by 5" that I needed for pinwheels. Now I'm off to having to cut the sashes and border. Then I can start to sew together the quilt. I wanted to get most of the cutting out of the way so I can just sew and not have to go back and forth. I think this way I won't get discouraged as easily with all the cutting (if that makes sense).

Do you guys cut then sew, or sew as you cut?

I know the last quilt I made I sewed as I did the cutting and I think that is what took me the longest but I'm okay with that because if was my first quilt and I did all the cutting with scissors. But I noticed how important it is to have a rotary cutter because it does go by a lot faster! Yay for rotary cutters!

A while ago before starting dinner I starched my fabric that I'm using for the sashes and border so that it can soak in and set into the fabric before ironing. I noticed this technique seemed to work better for me, I know many others do it a few different ways. Some wait 30 seconds after starching to iron, some wait 15-20 minutes and others wait a couple of hours. I'm one of the ones to wait a couple of hours, and sometimes if I know I'll want to start cutting the next day I'd starch the day before so all I have to do is iron and cut.

For those who do embroidery by hand or something like that, do you sometimes put the name of the baby in the corner of the top or backing of the quilt? I don't know the name of the babies yet, but I was thinking about doing but I know that it's always a good idea to do it before sewing the quilt sandwich together so your not sewing all the way through if that makes sense. Any suggestions on this would be great since I don't do a lot of embroidery stitching by hand or machine but thought it would be nice to do. Thanks!


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