Monday, October 24, 2011

I apologize!

I'm so sorry for those who couldn't find my blog. I've lost all my followers! I'm so sad. I had to "export" my blog and start a new account for my blog and "import" my blog. Little did I know that I would lose my followers, and my list of followed bloggers I had. I'm so disappointed. I'm mad, upset and don't know what to do. :(

Please accept this as a sincere apologies. I am hoping I can find and re-add all the blogs I followed. Makes me mad! Not your fault, but only mine.

If only blogger would have helped me solve my problem but didn't for over a month or so I decided to solve my problem by transfering my blog. So now I'm having to redo everything, except I didn't lose my posts which I'm glad.

Previously, I couldn't access the dashboard at all. Anytime I signed into my old account with the blog it would kick me to a error page and it was driving me nuts! But now I'm able to since I created a new account. But I'm okay with that since I am able to have it all on a separate account. Again, now I have to start all over with my blog as far as template design, following blogs and etc.

Hang in there! I was saying that to me really, sorry! lol

Hopefully things will be back to normal fairly soon!!


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