Thursday, October 27, 2011

Goodies for myself, cutting, and blog updates...

First, the other day the hubby and I went to the Dollar store. I can't say that I don't shop there, but this one particular store sells a nice selection of craft stuff and I can't pass it up at times when it comes to sewing items. I came home with a handful of items. I think I had a great buy if you ask me!

  • Cutting mat
  • Velcro
  • Elastic 1/2"
  • Name Tape Kit - iron on (cool)
  • Measuring tape
I didn't really need the cutting board since I had a larger one, but I was thinking for smaller stuff I am able to take and swivel the smaller cutting board above when need to rather than having to pick up the piece and move it. This way my cutting is hopefully accurate? Ha! We'll see. :) The velcro I needed for my camera case I made. It's the stick on kind, but I can also do some stitching through it to make sure it stays. The 1/2" elastic was for a cardi-wrap but then when I got home I realized I bought the wrong size - oops! That only means next time I'll have to be sure to see if they have the 1/4" elastic instead. We'll see! The name kit I'm not sure if I'll use, but I thought it would be a way to put a name on the quilts, or other things I make. It's iron on kind, and then of course I could possibly stitch around the edge as well to be sure it stays. Then of course, I'm sure you know what the "measuring tape" can be used for. Ha!

Finally, got my cutting done for the baby quilt I've been working on. I've just been so side tracked lately I can't even begin to know where to start. But the cutting is pretty much done, just have to sew the fabrics together. Of course since I'm doing pinwheel's I'll have to do a little cutting after sewing from one corner point to the other corner point. I'm sure you know that. Ha!

Blog, blog, blog...
I have to say that blogging is not such a bad thing, however when you run into issues and have to do everything from scratch but thankfully backed up your "posts" you have made previously kind of sucks. But hopefully I'll get some followers that followed me previously back, hopefully! But anyways, I'm looking to possibly change my layout (blog template) but don't want to do it til I find one that I absolutely fall in love with and won't want to change for quite sometime. I don't want to have to change stuff all the time and confuse people as to where things are. lol! However, if you have some suggestions or know of some great "free" blog templates please share in a comment. I'd highly appreciate it, thanks!

Anyways!  I'm off to watch my DVR'd Ellen DeGeneres! Love her! :)


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